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It’s a rainy day. Ram Kumar , our founder is walking through his hometown in Thenmala , when he meets his old friend from school days. You can imagine, what would happen when two schoolfriends meet. As they are busy catching up on each other lives, that’s when Ram hears about the state of the public library at his hometown. The next day he goes to this library to see, to his shock he realizes that the library is just a roof with some books under it, and it is not usable in any forms. He then decides to talk to his friends at Technopark and start a book collection drive to gather books for the library at his hometown. This is where he meets the cofounder Sharath Krishna who is also the secretary of the HANDS. Ram already a member of TEJUS also takes this concept to his parent organization. Once this was done, then there has been no looking back. TEJUS and HANDS married up this concept and they deployed their volunteers initially to support this cause.

Gradually, this initiative grew in such a short period more than anyone had anticipated by the contribution of various individuals. Technopark Trivandrum took pride in this concept and they also became partners to this initiative. Technopark opened up one of the rooms in the campus for Bookathon to collect and drive the book collection campaign.


Key People

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Claude Smith

Creative Director

Randy Moore

Senior Developer

Marlene Stanley

Project Manager

Stuart O'Donnell

Executive Director

Sara Owens

Art Director